• test 3

    Ho, you mean you’re gonna touch her on her- Are you gonna order something, kid? Well, I figured, what the hell. Did you hurt your head? That was so stupid, Grandpa hit him with the car. I’m sure that in 1985, plutonium is available at every corner drug store, but in 1955, it’s a little […]

  • testowy 2

    No. Are you sure about this storm? Okay. Where’s Einstein, is he with you? Well just gimme something without any sugar in it, okay? Don’t worry, I’ll take care of the lightning, you take care of your pop. By the way, what happened today, did he ask her out? You know Marty, I’m gonna be […]

  • testowy 1

    Yeah, sure, okay. Oh, pleased to meet you, Calvin Marty Klein. Do you mind if I sit here? Welcome to my latest experiment. It’s the one I’ve been waiting for all my life. Yeah. Anyway, Grandpa hit him with the car and brought him into the house. He seemed so helpless, like a little lost […]